Peru Fashion Night in DC Showcases Alpaca Products

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Peruvian fashion doesn’t have the resonance of French or Italian couture, but industry and diplomatic organizations are aiming to change that. Garments made of alpaca wool have been finding an increased popularity worldwide, and Peru is one of the world’s top producers of alpaca wool.

Last November, a Peruvian fashion extravaganza was held in Washington DC, where American consumers and garment industry representatives saw an extensive showcase of alpaca wool garments, done both in traditional Peruvian style and modern interpretations.

This four-night event wasn’t just a fashion display, but acted as a major business conference for Peruvian and American alpaca farmers, textile processors and clothing designers. Depending on the wool grade, alpaca clothing can cost into the thousands of dollars, making it one of the most-sought luxury materials in the world. Unlike some materials that are harvested in an environmentally-destructive way (such as shahtoosh wool, which is causing the rapid extinction of the antelope it’s obtained from), alpacas are bred in captivity and shorn with care.

Peru Fashion Night was yet another chance to show American businesses and consumers the advantages of alpaca – its thermal value, water resistance, hypoallergenic qualities and much more. If the event is successful, Americans can look forward to seeing many more garments made from the “Gold of the Andes”!

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