Seasons: Summer


Picture-598Summer finds Bella Fina ranch in full swing. New cria bounce with joy beside their moms, and spend lazy days basking in the afternoon sun.
Work now moves form showing season to shearing time. The pens are all set up, and the excitement of harvesting this years fleece fills the air. Days of preparations fly by and at last we’re here… the harvesting team has arrived, picnic tables are all set up, there’s pure magic in the air, the kind of magic only owning alpacas can bring.

A reminder of all that life is, and should be. Of simpler times, and honest hard work, surrounded by good friends and laughing children. I remembered someone telling me never to let anyone stand in the way of my dreams. It’s OK to dream unless these dreams get in the way of living. As I look around, I realize I truly am living my dream.