Seasons: Spring


spring Before the first buds break through here at the ranch, hopes of the up and coming show season fills our hearts. It is an emotional moment when a cria is born. All the hopes and dreams of the past eleven months bare upon you. There is something miraculous about birth, it’s so honest and humbling. It makes life worth living and to live a life worth while. Suddenly you get it… what truly is important to you, and you vow to spend more time on the things that make you happy and spend less time worrying about that of which you have no control.

The new crop of cria are grown and weaned, standing proud and noble. Their fleeces bright, luscious, and glistening in the afternoon sun. They have done all that we have asked of them. They are halter trained and now stand ready to defend the honor of their sire and dam, as well as the home they have grown to love.