Herd Sire: Peruvian Ned Kelly

Peruvian Ned Kelly

EPD Genetic Excellence
Fine, Bright, Incredibly Predictable

Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly

The success of any breeding program rests on the selection of only the highest quality males, more so today in a market downturn than ever before. You simple can’t afford to make a mistake. As they say, “the proof is in the pudding”!

Ned Kelly is the son of EPD tried and true Peruvian Hemingway G171, and dam Peruvian Benatton W827, both are direct imports.

Mike Safley has written recently that he thought Benatton to be the best dam ever imported to North America, for she won produce of dam at AOBA Nationals, and produced National blue ribbon winners when bred to three different sires.

At the age of eleven, Ned’s dam’s AFD was 23.3, SD 4.1, CV 17.6.

Ned's fleece 10 crimps per inch

Ned’s fleece: 10 crimps per inch

Also at age eleven, Ned’s sire’s AFD was 24.5, SD 3.9, CV 15.9 .
You can see from these microns why Hemmingway is the core of Snowmass Alpaca’s breeding program, and a main focus for us here at Bella Fina.

Magical Farms owns Mister Antonio, who is the full brother to Ned Kelly. Libby Foster bought a 1/2 share over ten years ago for $125,000. To date, Mister Antonio has produced 4 AOBA Color Champions, mostly in white classes.

As you can see from the photos, Ned is a very macho guy with a very correct frame, and a very dense, bright, fine fleece. Two of Ned’s first cria have taken blue ribbons at level 5 shows in white classes.

primo last-dawn outlaw
Progeny – Primo (& Shelby) Progeny – Last Dawn Progeny – Outlaw
antonello1 antonello2 antonello3
Progeny – Antonello Progeny – Antonello Progeny – Antonello


DOB 05/22/2001
ARI 824511
Color White
Dam Peruvian Benatton
Sire Peruvian Hemingway
Breeding Fee
Lineage Peruvian


Date Diameter
%>30µ CURV Spin
Staple Length Fleece


Show Record
Show Award
2008 Txolan Get a Sire 2nd